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Asana Teams 


The existing browse other team dropdown feature present within the navigation bar is difficult to use and provides limited capabilites. So the brief was - how might we declutter navigation in Asana by redesigning the browse team experience?


Browse Teams: A distinguished space for users to browse through all the team across the organization to help them search, explore, and join more teams. The redesign helped in streamlining the overall product navigation which is a core part of the product for every user.

Team-wide Adoption

1 Designer, 1 Design Mentor, 2 Product Managers, 3 Developers

My Role

Project Design Intern,
Research, Conceptualization, and Interface Design


10 Weeks,
May '22 - Aug '22


Adobe Fresco, Figma, FigJam, Asana

Please get in touch for more details. 

Other Projects

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