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Hi There! I am glad you are here.

I’m Anupriya and am currently pursuing MDes in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

2+ Years of industry experience at Samsung
10 million+ users reached through the features I designed
∞ curiosity for new things and places

I am passionate about building research-driven solutions that connect people, are invisible yet effective, and have interfaces that align with human perspectives. At the core, I believe in technology that enables more than just functionality and has an emotional connection with the users. Some of the areas that pique my interest are voice user interfaces, emotional design, inclusive design, and multi-modal interactions.

I would love to chat with you over an ice cream session.
Connect with me - 
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Milestones in my Journey ...

I am extremely fortunate to be where I am today and be surrounded by the most supportive and intelligent people, who have guided me in my journey. Here are some of the moments in my life that I am proud of. 

Exploring the World ...

I love traveling to different places and learning about new cultures, given any opportunity and time, and to keep these million memories from fading, I enjoy making short travel stories.

Books I Recommend ...

These are the top 5 books that have taught me some valuable lessons in life.

Experimenting with colors ...

Time and again, I take a break to relax and experiment new things with colors.